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These dogs will go to new homes with accessories from Warsaw Dog.Bobo has got Aqua Orange set, and Maja- Aqua Violet. Right now they’re in temporary homes, Foundation Only Animal Lovers Opoczno is looking after them. We would like to boost their chances for finding forever-homes so gave them eye-catching accessories.


When your name is BOBO, you have four paws and weigh 6 kg, the world loves you. It’s great that you like people and other animals. In addition, you can live with children, you are small, friendly and you walk perfect on a leash. All this means that you are the ideal dog for the city and you will quickly find a home. Truth? ?
Ask for BOBO, he’s waiting for adoption in Tylko Przyjaciele Zwierząt

Contact: +48 574 186 683 or


This is Majka?. Majka is gentle and friendly. Majka likes people, to eat and the world. Majka looks brilliantly in Aqua Violet, gathering delighted glances from the passers-by. Let’s be like Majka.
? You can learn life from Majka, this coach is looking for a permanent engagement. Currently is working for Tylko Przyjaciele Zwierząt and is busy with finding homes for buddies and her, but will be happy to end their cooperation and curl up on your couch.

Contact regarding adoption: tel. +48 799 258 286 or +48 575 037 735 or e-mail:

Photography – Katarzyny Szurgot.

16 lutego 2018
PIMP MY FUTURE DOG, czyli odpicowani BOBO & MAJA
26 lutego 2018
Sesja zdjęciowa z Chałką

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