Mixing murals, coats and dog tails

Mixing murals, coats and dog tails

Każdy nowy projekt robi awanturę” which in loose translation of Taco Hemingway’s rap means: every new project makes a fuss. We feel that these verses are just perfect to describe our new endeavour!

The first time I set my eyes on Małgosia and her cosmic coats was at the Warsaw Fashion Store Expo aaall the way back in 2016. Those intriguing patterns and colours, not to be found in any shopping centre, got my obsessed like a magpie on bling. I was blown away by the brave forms, the colours and cuts that Małgosia uses to create her original coats. So, when she called me to propose a collaboration I immediately said yes!

Paper cutting folk art and the tree symbolism

Moxos is, first and foremost, a fashion brand with native roots. Since she was a kid, Małgosia was spending her time in the sewing rooms owned by her family, designing little clothes for her dolls and teddy bears. She absorbed, like a thirsty sponge, all of the availble knowledge of fashion design. First at a Secondary Technical School of Textile and Clothing Industry and then at the Art Academy in Łódź where she also studied textile art and textile print. So you see, Małgosia had always known who she wanted to be when she grows up and creating the Moxos brand was her childhood dreams come true. Whenever I come across a person who not only received such thorough basis to work in their profession, but also does their job happy as a clam, I am extremely impressed with their integrity and connection they have with themselves. Małgosia is an incredibly warm, creative and open-minded person and her colourful personality really shines through the serial brave coat projects.

The Moxos’ logo, also very distinctive, refers to the paper cutting folk art and at the same time falls into the tree symbolism.

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The Moxos brand appeared at several big fashion shows such as the Mercedes Benz Fashion WeekFashion Week in Łódź, Fashionphilosophy, Wrocław Fashion Meeting, OffFashion in Kielce. Her projects emerged at the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź and at the Museum of the City of Łódź. She designed for the artist in shows such as Must be the Music, The Voice and You Can Dance. Some of the celebrity clients that privately choose the brand are, among others, Natalia Kukulska, Ilona Felicjańska, members of the music band Afromental, Sarsa and Margaret, Jaga Hupało and Maciej Rock. Moxox projects have been described in a book “Fashionable Charmed – An Anthology of Polish Designers” by Agnieszka Ziółkowska and in a publication by Piotr Kiljański and Anna Bańczyk “Fashion Book Poland”. Other than that, Moxos projects have been presented in fashion magazines such as Twój Styl, Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Gracja, Glamour, Kikimora as well as on many fashion oriented web sites.

A matador of fluid lines and shapes

Aqualoopa modestly describes himself as: “an artist, a philosopher and a musician. A matador of fluid lines and shapes; a lucky man, who lives on his passions. A hunter of imaginary beings and an enemy of gloomy Monday drag. A vegan and an abstinent of nomadic mentality. Paints large and small things, animates quick and slow images and plays loud and quiet music.

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Meanwhile, his achievements are nothing but modest. You can find his artwork in a large format version on the outside walls of buildings in Warsaw districts: Wola, Ursynów, Praga, Powiśle as well as in the interiors of places such as Kuchnia Spotkań Ikea, the office of Facebook Polska, the club Nie Powiem, or the headquarters of the Noble Bank.

How the FOLKO pattern was created?

Małgosia of Moxos went to the east of Poland to discover the charms of Podlasie region. She was enchanted by the climate, kindness, warmth and also the wisdom of the inhabitants of the region. The special place in her heart belongs to the village Kruszyniany with its history reaching all the way back to the Tatar roots. There, anyone who wants can enter the wooden mosque from the eighteenth century (the oldest one in Poland) and hear stories about the Tatars. Inside the mosque, the guide tells the stories and anecdotes of the Tatar times in a very funny yet educational manner. His own family is mixed – his wife and children are of a different creed.

Małgosia, inspired by the amazing atmosphere of this place, designed a hat. Below there’s a photo of her creative process #picsoritdidnthappen

She told Igor Chołda – Aqualoopa, who prepares the original prints on fabrics for her, about the Tatar village. Turns out that his ancestors also come from the Tatars! He visited Poldasie with his family and came back as charmed as Małgosia. And so the idea for Podlasie to become a creative base for the newest Moxos collection came to existence.

artist: Aqualoopa

Wedded to Warsaw Dog

This is the moment of the story where we enter the stage. In September, Małgosia called me with a proposal for a collaboration – “ Let’s make a collection of dog clothes and accessories together!” – I heard on the other end of my phone. At first this idea seemed to be balancing somewhere between bold and crazy, yet, I agreed right away. I love new projects and doing things together with other artists!

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You can see the first results of our cooperation in the photo gallery above – our original harnesses, leashes and collars are presented by good girl Easy with Aqualoopa’s murals in the background. The model in the photos wears the Tatar inspired hat. Soon in our store you will find the dog clothes designed by Małgosia Skibińska. At first they will be available in sizes for smaller doggies such as pugs, terriers or greyhounds. In the store on Moxos website you can find the original coats and hats collection with the same pattern.

I very much encourage you to visit the websites of our co-designers:



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