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Small and big dogs have different expectations and needs. For small dogs, it is important that the leash is light. Big dogs need special care for safety – a strong hook and sewing.

The caretakers of small four feet need light leashes, in which the carabiner will be appropriately selected with weight and size of a dog in mind. The carabiner’s weight is especially important for a dog that walks in a collar, so the leash is fastened to the neck. For small creatures we recommend leashes in the width of 1.5 cm and 2 cm.

For dogs under 14 kg we recommend narrower leashes (1.5 cm and 2 cm) with smaller hooks.

On the other hand, dog lovers with large furkid usually choose leashes that will provide security.

For dogs over 14 kg we recommend leashes 2.5 cm wide with large hooks.

Difference between small and big snap hook:


Used in leashes’ widths: 1.5 cm and 2 cm

Designed for: small and medium dogs

Weight: 21 g

Length: 6.5 cm


Used in leashes’ widths: 2.5 cm

Designed for: Large dogs

Weight: 47 g

Length: 8.2 cm

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