Reflective elements in dogs’ accessories – collars, leashes, harnesses with reflective tape!

dog collar with reflective tape

Reflective elements in dogs’ accessories – collars, leashes, harnesses with reflective tape!

Reflective elements in dogs’ accessories make them more safe during walks. A few autumns ago you’ve asked us for an option to have reflective pieces in our collars, harnesses and leashes. We are extremely pleased to finally be able to provide you with what you need ?

Those short autumn and winter days result in us often going on walks after dark. A reflective collar or harness cause the light to bounce off of the tape, making your dog more visible.

A collar, a leash or a harness with reflective elements – why use them?

Reflective elements in clothes (even the dog clothes) are there to increase security of doggy-pedestrians (pawdestrians ??) during the outdoor activities after dark. A reflective addition is really important when you choose poorly lit areas, especially the sides of roads, for your walks. In places like that, our silhouettes blend in with the dark backgrounds making us hardly visible for the drivers.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best behaved dog can step off the path and onto the road pulled by some very promising sent of a delicious road-kill (ugh..), or suddenly hop onto the street all giddy in the midst of playing. Situations like that are plausible even when the dog is on the leash – the call of an intriguing scent is merciless! Without aid of the reflective elements, drivers’ reaction time is longer because they are able to see our dog only within the 20 – 30 metre range in front of them. However, if a collar, harness or leash is equipped with reflective pieces, the headlights bounce off of them making the animal visible from as far as 130 – 150 metres and giving the drivers more time to decide and react appropriately.

Reflective products for dogs – how to use them?

For the reflective elements on the dog accessories to work, we designed their placement in such a way so that the doggos are visible for the drivers from both directions. This is why, in the harnesses, the reflective strips are on both sides of the dog as well as on their front. In the leashes, they are put on both sides: on the top and on the bottom. Whilst in the collars, in one or two spots – depending on the size.

The rule of thumb for the reflective pieces to work properly: the closer to the ground level the more visible they are for the drivers – it has to do with the setting of the headlights in cars.

Small dogs wear tiny accessories therefore the surface that’s available for placing the reflective pieces is tiny as well. Fortunately, little dogs win by being naturally closer to the sidewalk level and, because of that, easier to be noticed in the dark.

The long fluffy coats or thick manes (bibs) of some dogs might get their collars covered up making the reflective strips on them poorly visible. For them fur-balls, a much better solution is a harness and a leash with added reflective elements.

Reflective tape – how does it look?

The reflective tape is shaped like dashed stripes. We think it looks a bit like the epic Adidas triple stripe logo and we’re proud of that :D Thanks to the space between the little stripes, the tape’s design stays visible and aesthetically coherent.
A single tape has a length of six of those little diagonal stripes. Depending on the product’s type and size we apply, using the heat transfer method, six stripes ( for example on XS size collars) or a multiple of that (for example 18 stripes on the size M Guard Harness, located in several spots).

Reflective elements should be placed on the clothing in such a way that they remain visible for the drivers coming from both directions.

Collars with reflective stripes

Collars, right next to leashes, are the most popular accessories in a dogs’ wardrobes. If your dog wears a collar daily, adding reflective elements gives our dog extra protection just in case of some unexpected event (knock on wood). During his backyard escape or a vacation disappearance at grandma’s and grandpa’s, or a panic mode run-away our dog stays visible in the headlights and has an increased chance to get back home safely.

The amount of reflective stripes on a collar is proportional to its size and width:

  • The collars in sizes XS and S have 6 reflective stripes.
  • The collars in sizes M, L and XL have each a total of 12 stripes arranged in two places.
Reflective collar for dogs
Collar for dog – size L, 3,5 cm width with two reflective tapes

Leashes with reflective stripes

The reflective elements on leashes show where the dog ends and the caregiver begins :) During walks when the leash is in use and on one of its ends there is a pupper marching merrily, the reflective stripes on the leash are hard at work reflecting the lights of the cars and keeping the dog-human duo well visible for all of the traffic participants.

In the city leashes and the adjustable leashes we heat-on the reflective stripes in:

  • the lower part, above the carabiner (on both sides)
  • the upper part, under the handle (on both sides)
Leash for dog with reflective tapes
Leash for dog with reflective tapes

Reflective harnesses for dogs

A harness is a part of a dog’s equipment that covers up the largest portion of his body. Reflective elements come on both sides of the dog as well as in the front.

Guard harness:

Harness for dogs wih reflecive tape
Guard harness, size L, 3,5 cm widh with four reflective points

Norwegian harness:

Reflective harness for dogs
Norwegian harness in size M, 2,5 cm width with four reflective points

Easy walk harness:

Easy walk harness with reflecive stripes
Easy walk harness in size M, 2,5 cm width with four reflecive points

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