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Martingale | LSD


“Fantastic, kaleidoscopic images waving at me, variables, and multicolored” – wrote Albert Hoffman after the notorious bike-ride in 1943. Now you can have your own kaleidoscope on the collar, which will encourage you to explore new areas for dog walking. If you live the way you like and you show other new ways of thinking, this pattern is for you.

To each collar we attach tag, which can be also an ID tag. If you wish to engrave dog’s name and phone number, select “YES” from the list, and the contents of engraving, type in the box below.

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XS (20 – 30 cm) | S (24 – 34 cm) | M (34 – 46 cm) | L (44 – 60 cm)

Who should wear martingale collar?

This type of collar works good:

  • with dog who has bigger neck then head and is able to escape from the traditional collar, especially greyhounds;
  • when your dog is Houdini’s next incarnation, and tends to magically escape from any traditional collar;
  • if your dog has a long fur – no more clipping dog’s hair into buckle.

Which length to choose?

  • The width of 2 cm is recommended for small dogs and medium dogs.
  • Width 2.5 cm is recommended for medium dogs.
  • Width 3,5 cm and 5 cm is recommended for large breeds.

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Why to choose martingale collar from Warsaw Dog?

Strong webbing

Soft, smooth and strong. Keeps color and shape for a long time. It doesn't absorb water and is easy to clean, so you get more time on a well-deserved relaxation after a long walk.

Color hardware

Covering metal with color is our icing on the cake. The color is not only cool, but also protects equipment against rust.

Separate ID tag holder

ID tag has its own place on the collar - no more accidental attaching leash to ID's circle.

Additional information

Weight N/A

L (44 – 60 cm), M (34 – 46 cm), S (24 – 34 cm), XS (20 – 30 cm)


2 cm, 2,5 cm, 3,5 cm, 5 cm

ID Tag engrave



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