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If your dog can slip out of any kind of collar or leash this is a product for YOU! We created the safety harness with them Houdini-dogs on our minds. The harness is designed for the anxious or nervous dogs who just take off when they enter the panic mode. The harness grants safety by hugging the dog’s bod with three belts.

Each collar and harness has a dedicated place to hang the ID tag. You can add a recipient with an engraving by selecting the “ID Tag – YES” option from the list below.

The main photo shows the product with an optional ID tag.


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escape proof harness dog sizes measurements

How to measure the dog for anti escape harness?

safety harness how to measure

How to measure the length of the spine belt for the safety harness?

The spine belt is the one that runs along the dog’s spine. It begins at the base of the neck and ends where the narrowing of the waist begins.

Measure your dog by placing the tape measure on the base of the neck and down to the waist. Enter the measurement into the “Spine belt’s length” field. This will enable us to sew the harness with an appropriate belt length. In the anti-escape harness the spine belt is the only one that cannot be regulated. And as dogs are very different in terms of shape, something that fits one just fine, might be much too long for another. We put effort into sewing best quality harnesses that fit your dogs’ individual sizes and are comfortable and safe for them.

The advantages of the anti-escape harness from Warsaw Dog:


The design of the harness lets the dog’s weight be dispersed evenly on the whole body instead of putting it all on the spine. The harness doesn’t chafe the armpits while the double buckles that are sewn into the belts make putting the harness on and taking it off very easy.


The four points of regulation allow adjusting the harness perfectly to the pup’s size even if additional few inches are required for that little chic winter coat. It fits the doggy’s silhouette thanks to the soft tape.

Dog’s safety

Three belts connected with straps make it impossible for the dog to slip out the harness. It’s perfect for them run-aways with innate doggy contortionist talents.

Individually fitted to your dog’s body

By providing information about the length of the spine belt you can be sure that the harness will have a perfect length – also the dog gentlemen will be able to lift their rear legs without fear of wetting the harness :)

Who is the safety harness recommended for?

Fearful dogs

Puppers who tend to take it on the lam when they feel threatened, can usually wriggle out of a regular harness in a matter of seconds. An untagged dog without a collar or a harness and without an address tag is a recipe for troubles. Thankfully, the anti-escape harness, having the third belt resting in the area of the abdominal tuck, prevents slipping out and assures safe walks :)

Dogs with a strong hunter drive

A sight of a dear on the horizon can activate a certain kind of magic in some dogs. Whoosh! And there he goes! A good boy on an everyday walk is suddenly reaching the speed of light, politely leaving their harness and leash in the hand of the bewildered caregiver. If this scenario sounds familiar – the anti-escape harness might come useful during the forest walks (but not only those!).

dogs harness safety harness anti escape harnesses

When does the anti-escape harness come useful?

In the post-adoption period

First three months after adoption come with a big load of emotions. Getting to know each other, new duties and new pleasures, working out new rituals – it’s a lot of work for you and for your doggo. Unfortunately, the adaptation period is a time of a heighten risk of escapes. The dog doesn’t know his new caregivers yet or that he can be supported by them, nor do you, the new pup parents, know your new fur baby and his or her behaviours. A lot of things may come as a surprise so make sure that your dog is 100% safe during your walks together.

In the New Years Eve Times

The blasts of the fireworks shot out all of a sudden in the middle of December, can give a small heart attack to most of us so those sensitive doggies with perfect hearing are especially at risk. The anti-escape harness is a safe “wear” for them in that around-new-years-eve time and is a great alternative for the leash on the collar and on the harness option that is recommended for them scaredy cats.

In travels

On vacation, even the greatest couch potatoes can hear the call of adventure and slip out of their harness. And then there are the unknown places, new pathways and strange scents that don’t really encourage quick come backs. The anti-escape harness is there to let you enjoy your stress-free relaxation with both your dog and your vacay safe :)

All year round for dogs prone to escaping other harnesses and collars

Some dogs are just fearful and being highly determined they can get out of any regular harness or collar. It’s recommended that the highly sensitive dogs wear the anti-escape harnesses all year round. The harness has a regulation so it’s possible to put a little coat under it in the winter while in the hot weather it dries quickly after those summer swims. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column]



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