Norwegian harness

  • Ensuring a proper measurements is key to selecting a harness that fits your dog perfectly. 
  • All harnesses are made differently, so do not measure your existing dog harness.
To measure your dog’s girth correctly use a soft tape measure.
  1. Wrap it around the chest in its broadest place. 
  2. Measure the front belt.
Both the horizontal and the vertical belts are adjustable. Remember, when selecting the size of harness, to choose a size for which your dog's measurement is in the middle of the size range or at least has a few centimeters more. If you have any problem, please contact us - we are here to help.

Measure two straps:norwegi

Size chart

XS34 – 40 cm25 cm - 30 cm
S39 - 49 cm30 - 40 cm
M47 – 62 cm38 - 48 cm
L 62 – 84 cm51 - 68 cm
XL83 - 115 cm67 - 87 cm

Harnesses are crafted in the following sizes: 

  • Size XS 
    • Dog weight: 3,5 - 4 kg
    • Common breads: Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Papillon
  • Size S 
    • Dog weight: 4 kg - 6,5 kg
    • Common breads: Maltanese, Cavalier king charles spaniel, Shih tzu, Jack russel terrier
  • Size M 
    • Dog weight: 6,5 - 14,5 kg
    • Common breads: Cocker spaniel, French bulldog, Pembroke welsh corgi, Pug, Jack russel terrier
  • Size L 
    • Dog weight: 14,5 - 35 kg
    • Common breads: Border collie, Toller, Beagle, Weimaraner, Boxer, English bulldog, Amstaff, Siberian husky
  • Size XL 
  • Dog weight: more then 35 kg
  • Common breads: Bernese mountain dog, German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Golden retriever

Norwegian harness | Shine in Purple

from 19.00

Let your dog shine like diamonds. Time to let others finally know who is the real star on the block. Shine in Purple ingeniously looks on white, red-haired and dark-brown coat, adding the splendor.

Each collar and harness has a dedicated place to hang the ID tag. You can add a recipient with an engraving by selecting the “ID Tag – YES” option from the list below.

The main photo shows the product with an optional ID tag.


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  • Is your dog a molosser?

    Mark checkbox if your dog: is a molosser (f.e. french bulldog, pug, american staffordshire terrier, boxer or mixed breed of those), has excess weight or has muscular chest. Those dogs need dedicated type of norwegian harnesses.

    Dogs of these breeds have muscular arms (forechest), therefore the front strap in standard Norwegian harness can be too high. Being aware of this problem, we have created a variation of Norwegian harness, in which the front strap is adapted to their body better than in the standard model. Everything for the convenience of four-handers!

    This option is free.

    Harness could be return.

    Write us below what breed or type of breed your dog is and how much does it weights.

    Premium options

    Your dog is on the edge of two sizes? Or are you afraid that you will have a small adjustment range? In Warsaw Dog we believe that harness should be comfortable and provide full freedom of movement. Each dog is different, and all deserve the comfort! Increase the standard size of harness to make sure that he will feel comfortable in the new outfit.

    • 3 €

    An individual size adjustment service can extend the sewing time to 7 business days. It is not possible to return the harness with an individual sewing service.

    Provide two values: dimension of chest circumference and length of frontal strap [How to measure?]

  • Personalize the harness!

    Fittings are black by default. Choose the color of two metal fittings to make it unique.

    Psst! There is no possibility to return products with a premium option. In the absence of selected color, we will contact you.

    Make your harness unique and stand out from the crowd! After selecting the option, list of colors to choose from will appear.

    • 3 €
    • 10 €

    In this premium option you can add reflective elements that will increase your dog's safety after dark. LEARN MORE

    • 4 €
Measurement guideline



Which width of webbing should I choose?

  • Width 2 cm is great for small dogs.
  • Width 2,5 cm is great for medium dogs.
  • Width 3,5 cm is great for large dogs.

See also:

  • What to engrave on the ID tag?
  • Order another ID tag (separate product)
  • Custom gear tailoring
  • Damage repair
  • Gift Card
  • Speed up my order

Why choose norwegian harness from Warsaw Dog?


Adored by the impatient dogs – they can be dressed quickly with one move.


They have a double adjustment that allows them to be adjusted to the size of the dog. Strong Velcro fasteners are sewn in the front strap for safe and smooth adjustment.


A convenient grip allows you to quickly hold your dog. The front strap is contoured so that it does not press against the larynx.


Dries quickly, keep the colors, provide delights from passers-by. When dirty you can toss it into the washing machine and voila, they are like new.

How to adjust norwegian harness?



Additional information

Weight N/A

L, M, S, XL, XS


2 cm, 2,5 cm, 3,5 cm, 5 cm

ID tag



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