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The Guard Harness for French Bulldogs is a harness designed to meet the specific needs of the breed. It is perfectly suited for a French Bulldog’s characteristic silhouette: broad shoulders and a relatively small, short snout that can be a cause of troubles with breathing.

Our harnesses for French Bulldogs are sewn from a webbing of a 2.5 cm width.

Each collar and harness has a dedicated place to hang the ID tag. You can add a recipient with an engraving by selecting the “ID Tag – YES” option from the list below.

The main photo shows the product with an optional ID tag.

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  • Premium options

    Your dog is on the edge of two sizes? Or are you afraid that you will have a small adjustment range? In Warsaw Dog we believe that harness should be comfortable and provide full freedom of movement. Each dog is different, and all deserve the comfort! Increase the standard size of harness to make sure that he will feel comfortable in the new outfit.

    • 3 €

    An individual size adjustment service can extend the sewing time to 7 business days. It is not possible to return the harness with an individual sewing service.

    Provide four values: dimension of chest circumference, shoulder circumference, belly strap and back strap [How to measure?]

  • Make your harness unique and stand out from the crowd.

    Fittings are black by default. After selecting the option, list of premium colors to choose from will appear.

    • 3 €
    • 10 €

    In this premium option you can add reflective elements that will increase your dog's safety after dark. LEARN MORE

    • 4 €



Harness for french bulldog standard dedicated to the breed

The advantages of the Guard Harness for French Bulldogs:

Dedicated for French Bulldogs

Perfectly suited to a French Bulldog’s body shape and to the breed’s specification.


Recommended by the animal physiotherapists, especially for dogs who pull on the leash.


Both of the girdles and the bottom strap are equipped with regulation making adjusting the harness to the dog’s body perfectly easy.


It’s very difficult for the dog to get out it of by themselves.


It dries quickly, retains its colors, generates admiration of the passersby. When it gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine and voila, it is as new again!

Why does this breed need a harness made specially for it?

French Bulldogs gained big popularity thanks to their cheerful personalities. Choosing the right type of harness for them however can be quite challenging because of the Frenchie’s specific body shape. They are rather small but have broad muscular shoulders. It’s important that they walk in a properly fitted harness also because of their short snout that makes them prone to breathing difficulties. Poorly fitted harness might exert pressure on the upper respiratory tract.

The Guard harness is built in such a way that it spreads the pulls along the spine and allows freedom of movement. It’s recommended by the animal physiotherapists as a great collar alternative.

What makes the Warsaw Dog’s French Bulldog harness stand out?

It has been created in one size dedicated for French Bulldogs and fits most dogs of that breed. It has a regulation range that includes dogs weighing from 9 kg up to 15 kg. While we were designing the harness we took under consideration Frenchies’ stocky shape and broad shoulders – the harness is designed to provide the dog with maximum comfort.

In comparison to the standard Guard harness, the straps on the back and on the sternum (belly) are shorter in this model so that the harness fits the plump figure well. At the same time we’ve expanded the regulation range in the shoulder and chest girdles so that the head can easily slip through the loop and so that the harness doesn’t feel too tight at the waist. The chest girdle rests away from the armpits to ensure comfort during walks removing fears of chaffing the skin.


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Aqua Violet, Candy Blue, Doggo Artisto, Dogsplorer, Folko, Rebel, Shake, Shine in Blue, Shine in Lime, Shine in Purple, Smoothie, Splash, Tropical

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