Regular, guard harness

  • Ensuring a proper measurements is key to selecting a harness that fits your dog perfectly. 
  • All harnesses are made differently, so do not measure your existing dog harness.
In order to choose a correct harness size you need to measure your dog with a soft tape measure:
  1. Shoulder girth (lower neck): create a loop using the tape measure. It should start and end at the base of the neck – at the point between withers and go through the prosternum (it’s the first hoop from the head on the picture).
  2. Chest girth: to measure the chest lead the tape measure around your pup’s chest in its broadest point.
  3. Upper strap (back): put measuring tape snug from the base of the neck to half of its back length.
  4. Lower strap (down): put measuring tape snug from your dog's lower neck to half of its belly length.
Remember, when selecting the size of harness, to choose a size for which your dog's measurement is in the middle of the size range or at least has a few centimeters more. If you have any problem, please contact us - we are here to help.

Measure four straps:sylwetka-psa--poprawka

Size chart

Shoulder22 - 36 cm34 - 44 cm44 - 64 cm
Chest34 - 48 cm46 - 64 cm62 - 92 cm
Back8 cm12 cm14 cm
Down15 - 22 cm20 - 26 cm24 - 30 cm

Harnesses are crafted in the following sizes: 

  • Size S
    • Dog weight: 4 - 7 kg
    • Common breeds: Boston terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Miniature schnauzer, Shih tzu
  • Size M
    • Dog weight: 7 - 14 kg
    • Common breeds: Cocker spaniel, French bulldog, Pembroke welsh corgi, Beagle, Pug
  • Size L
    • Dog weight: 14 - 35 kg
    • Common breeds: Border collie, Weimaraner, Boxer, English bulldog, Amstaff, Siberian husky

Guard harness | DOGUAR

from 19.00

The Doguar pattern will wrap your dog in warm shades of pink and burgundy. A charming and a bit predatory leopard print is the best proposition for naughty princesses with a claw. The jaguar’s power enchanted in this animal pattern will safely guide you through the urban jungle. The other side of the pattern is Wild Cats.

Each collar and harness has a dedicated place to hang the ID tag. You can add a recipient with an engraving by selecting the “ID Tag – YES” option from the list below.

The main photo shows the product with an optional ID tag.

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  • Premium options

    Your dog is on the edge of two sizes? Or are you afraid that you will have a small adjustment range? In Warsaw Dog we believe that harness should be comfortable and provide full freedom of movement. Each dog is different, and all deserve the comfort! Increase the standard size of harness to make sure that he will feel comfortable in the new outfit.

    • 3 €

    An individual size adjustment service can extend the sewing time to 7 business days. It is not possible to return the harness with an individual sewing service.

    Provide four values: dimension of chest circumference, shoulder circumference, belly strap and back strap [How to measure?]

  • Make your harness unique and stand out from the crowd.

    Fittings are black by default. After selecting the option, list of premium colors to choose from will appear.

    • 3 €
    • 10 €

    In this premium option you can add reflective elements that will increase your dog's safety after dark. LEARN MORE

    • 4 €
Measurement guideline


Regular dog harness named ‘guard’ are made of two hoops and two straps (upper and lower). To create them, we use webbing with our unique design. Guard harness are fast-drying, which makes them perfect dog harnesses for summer and winter. They have regulators in both hoops and lower belt, thanks to which they perfectly adapt to any dog’s figure. Due to the intuitive regulation, they are recommended for puppies. We also recommend them for large dogs that have a tendency to pull on a leash – this kind of harness distributes pulls along the spine. After adjusting, you can put them on a warm coat or jacket. If the dog is on the edge of size or is still growing, we can sew the harness between sizes. In this situation, please select this option and enter a description of the dog according to the instructions. The most important thing is for the dog to be comfortable! All metal elements are black in standard, you can request different colors of fittings – to do this, just check the box of the premium option. All harnesses are made to order in a small studio in Warsaw.


Which width to choose?

  • 2 cm width is recommended for micro and small dogs;
  • 2.5 cm width is recommended for medium dogs;
  • 3.5 cm width is recommended for large dogs.

What’s great about guard harness from Warsaw Dog?


Their design makes the weight of the dog is distributed over the entire surface of the body, without burdening the spine.


They are adjustable in four places, which allows to adapt them to the silhouette of the pup.


Two hoops linked by strips prevent the dog from releasing itself. Harness ideal for flexible, rubber-like dog.


Dries quickly, keep the colors, provide delights from passers-by. When dirty you can toss it into the washing machine and voila, they are like new.

Additional information

Weight N/A

L, M, S


2 cm, 2,5 cm, 3,5 cm

ID tag



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