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Guard harness BALANCE | different patterns

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The BALANCE harness is a guard harness in the premium version, enriched with a handle to hold the dog. Both rings have two buckles, which will make putting them on easier even for fearful dogs.

Features of the guard BALANCE harness

  • special design that minimizes twisting of the harness
  • two buckles in each rim, which makes it easier to put on and take off the harness, especially in dogs that do not like head treatments
  • an extended strap on the back that prevents the carabiner from bumping against the dog's spine
  • built-in handle for a comfortable hold of the dog

From now on you can choose:

▶ ️ 2 buckles (in the chest rim)

They ensure comfortable and easy putting on the harness - just put it over your head and fasten it on the sides. They twist definitely less than the guard harness, but more than the Balance harness with 4 buckles.

▶ ️ 4 buckles (on the chest and shoulder girdles)

An ingenious solution that ensures the stability of the harness and prevents the harness from twisting on the dog. Perfect for dogs that hate having a hoop over their head.

Addressee with engraving

Classic design and indelible contact details, i.e. beauty and functionality enclosed in a black plate.


  • Durable material - made of metal
  • Data engraved with a laser

Enter the text of the engraving in the fields below.

  • Premium options

    Personalize the harness according to your idea!

    Psst! Size modification excludes the possibility of returning the product. If the selected options are unavailable, we will contact you.

    Make your harness unique and make you stand out from the crowd.

    Find out more: COLORFUL FITTINGS

    Size modification

    Your dog is on the border of two sizes or is still growing? We will change the standard size of harness for you to make sure that it will feel comfortable in the new outfit.

    It is not possible to return the harness with the individual sewing service.

    Enter four values: the size of the chest circumference, shoulder girdle, sternum strap and the strap on the back [How to measure?]



Customer contact with braces - first reactions :)


Users' opinions


Comparison of guard, sport and balance harness


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Astrodog, Boho, Confetti, Dogandi, Meteor, Paradise, Piniata, Red's Go, Aqua Violet, Candy Blue, Classic black, Doggo Artisto, Dogsplorer, Doguar, Magic Forest, Rebel, Rose Gold, Shake, Shine in Blue, Shine in Lime , Shine in Purple, Smoothie, Tropical, Waikiki, Wild Cats


French bulldog harness, L, M, S, XS


1,5 cm, 2 cm, 2,5 cm, 3,5 cm

Number of buckles

2 buckles (only on the chest girdle), 4 buckles (on the shoulder and thoracic girdles)

15 reviews for Guard harness BALANCE | different patterns

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  1. Jacek Rzesista (Revised) -

    Great harness, they work perfectly, finally I have a harness that does not turn on the dog :-)

    Picture # 1 from Jacek Rzęsista
    Picture # 2 from Jacek Rzęsista
    Picture # 3 from Jacek Rzęsista
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  2. Sylwia Polack (Revised) -

    Finally, I managed to get a guard harness that does not twist on the body! I am very pleased with the purchase, they are comfortable, they do not rub, they have an additional handle to hold the pooch when needed. And they are also beautiful!

    Picture # 1 from Sylwia Polaczek
    Picture # 2 from Sylwia Polaczek
    Video #1 from Sylwia Polaczek
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  3. Dominika Akielash (Revised) -

    The BALANCE harness is a line above the bars. I was furious with every harness because it didn't twist nicely. My dog ​​hated putting on the harness over the head ... now we don't have these problems, and we have a handle to hold in more or less emergency situations free of charge. This harness is a mastery of workmanship and functionality. We recommend!

    Picture # 1 from Dominik Akielaszek
    Picture # 2 from Dominik Akielaszek
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  4. Carolina (Revised) -

    The Balance harness with 2 buckles is perfect for urban dog life. There is no chance that the young one will slip out of them by accident, they are very stable and practical. Passed the public transport test; they do not twist, the dog is secured. And the build quality and color are amazing!

    (1) (1)
  5. Sylvia M (Revised) -

    We are delighted with the rustlings. Finally, it is comfortable for us to run and go crazy when we are unfastened from the leash, and even when we go on walks, we are not ashamed that we do not keep up with the fashion. Everyone is watching us, we are so up to date :)
    Getting dressed is also a breeze, click click and you're done! These braces are insanely tasteful!!!!

    Image #1 from Sylwia M.
    (0) (0)
  6. Dominika (Revised) -

    This is our second BALANCE harness and the best model we came across in our adventure with accessories. We will definitely collect a large collection ❤️ They don't twist, they don't rub, and thanks to 4 buckles, my dog ​​finally doesn't get stressed when dressing. Thanks to WarsawDog, you're doing it right!

    (0) (1)
  7. 권성기 (Revised) -

    It's a very well-made product.
    I plan to buy it again.

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  8. 권성기 (Revised) -

    It's a harness that looks like it's dressed nicely.

    Image #1 by 권성기
    Image #2 by 권성기
    Image #3 by 권성기
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  9. Natalia (Revised) -

    Also very carefully made, the pattern is beautiful and looks great on the beige-brown fur and easy to put on / take off thanks to the additional buckle :)

    Image #1 from Natalia
    Image #2 from Natalia
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  10. marta.wardowska (Revised) -

    The braces are wonderful, the first ones that actually don't twist :) and the store's service is fantastic!

    (0) (0)
  11. Michal B. (Revised) -

    Perfectly made. They dry very quickly after swimming in the sea. An ingenious tag holder.

    Image #1 from Michal B.
    Image #2 from Michal B.
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  12. Carol Knudsen (Revised) -


    Image #1 from Carol Knudsen
    Image #2 from Carol Knudsen
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  13. Ewa (Revised) -

    My mutt has been wearing the previous version of guards, the basic one, for 5 years, day after day, 3 walks a day. They were and still are great, but I've been waiting for some time for them to get damaged at least a little, just to have an excuse to buy new ones and change the style :) But they are literally indestructible, they haven't even faded much. I bet that the dog could easily wear them for another 5 years. Finally, I decided that trying the new version was a good enough excuse to buy it :) The new harnesses are great, they actually twist less. They look elegant and are very solid, but this applies to every Warsaw Dog product. The handle on the back is useful, but quite small, ok for me, but if someone has large hands, 4 fingers won't fit in the size M harness.
    Both my dog ​​and I are very happy :)

    Picture #1 from Ewa
    Picture #2 from Ewa
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  14. Paulina (Revised) -

    These are the best and most beautiful suspenders ever! I've seen more than one dog's envious look 😉 They are very carefully made, the colors are saturated, the pattern does not wear off and, above all, the harnesses do not "twirl" and fit perfectly even on a lively dog. I think that many dogs will also appreciate them for their comfortable putting on (I ordered the version with 4 buckles). I will definitely come back for other designs. I highly recommend it!

    Picture #1 from Paulina
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  15. Krzysztof Miaskowski (Revised) -

    The harness and leash are very well made and each element is precisely specified, the 4-buckle clasp is strong and very comfortable to put on the dog. The beautiful design of the detachable leash is perfect for city walks and more casual trips to the park
    The dog looks great in them

    Picture #1 from Krzysztof Miaskowski
    Picture #2 from Krzysztof Miaskowski
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Correct fastening of the BALANCE harness

How to adjust the harness?

Questions and Answers

Good morning, I would like to order a balance harness with 4 dka JRT buckles, is it possible? Catherine Sikora asked on June 9, 2023

Yes, please choose the size "for jrt" from the size list :)

Zofia Kwiatkowska replied on June 14, 2023 store manager