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Easy walk harness | Training


Training harnessfor learning dog not to pull on a walk. If you usually see only a tail and often fly at the end of leash, it might be product for you. With a hand ful of snacks and a good word, you can work calmly walking.


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  • Premium options
    Personalize the harness!

    Fittings are black by default. Choose the color of five metal fittings to make it unique.

    Psst! There is no possibility to return products with a premium option. In the absence of selected color, we will contact you.

    Make your harness unique and stand out from the crowd. Fittings are black by default. After selecting the option, list of premium colors to choose from will appear.

    • 4 €
    • 10 €

    In this premium option you can add reflective elements that will increase your dog's safety after dark. LEARN MORE

    • 4 €

    • 3 €

    An individual size adjustment service can extend the sewing time to 7 business days. It is not possible to return the harness with an individual sewing service.

    Provide two values: measurement of chest circumference and length of frontal strap [How to measure?]



Size Chest’s girth
S 47 – 60 cm
M 58 – 74 cm
L 72 – 92 cm
  • Harness in S size is made from 2 cm width.
  • Harness in M size is made from 2,5 cm width.
  • Harness in L size is made from 3,5 cm width.

How does it work?

The leash is pinned to the front, to the stripe passing through the front of the chest. At the moment of pulling, harness turn the dog towards the owner. No pain, no nerves – pure physics works here :)

P.S. Just putting on the harness is not enough to learn. Dog needs a lot of human patience, consequence, love and good snacks.

How to measure your dog?

  1. Measure the perimeter of the chest vertically, just behind the front paws – in the groin. Its value is compared with the regulation range written in the table and on this basis we choose size S, M, L.
  2. Measure the circumference of the front chest. From one groin to the other, there is no space left. Easy walk harness runs just behind the legs, they’re not pushed away from the armpits. Its value type in the textbox.

Harnesses are adjustable in both straps – vertical and horizontal. Vertical adjustment corresponds to the values in the size table. Adjustment in the front waist is +/- 3 centimeters in relation to the circuit entered in the textbox.

Look to be sure:

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L, M, S




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