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Dog treat bag with a belt | Doggo Artisto


This bag for dog treats does not leak fat, stopping all the fat from goodies such as sausages, cheese, and pate inside. It is fastened with a zipper, which guarantees quick access to treats and a convenient closure.

You can wear it in two different ways. It is equipped with clasp (hangman), and the set includes a two-layer sachet for dog treats with a belt.


How to carry a dog treat with a belt?

You can wear it in two ways:

  • On the clip – fastening the loops in trousers, jackets or even on a leash;
  • On the belt – the one included in the kit, your own, which you use in trousers or on the fanny pack.

Thanks to two methods of wearing, this treat pouch is universal – it will work both in the summer, when we can pin a bag of treats to clothes, as well as in winter, when it is more convenient to fasten the belt around the jacket.

How to use a bag of treats?

It works well during training in a dog school and trainings in the park, but most of all during everyday walks. Matches other products from the collection. Taking it for a walk, you will create a match walking set. Suddenly everyone in dog park knows that you’re together!

How do you clean a dog treat pouch?

Our products are characterized by convenience of use and the possibility of washing in the washing machine. We focus on comfort and time savings, so you can clean it in two ways:

  • Machine wash at 60 degrees
  • A brush with a detergent (soap, dish soap etc.)


Height: 16 cm

Width: 17.5 cm at the top, 14 cm at the bottom

Fabric: polyester (imprint), polypropylene (strap)


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