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Collar with buckle

  • Ensuring a proper neck measurement is key to selecting a collar that fits your dog perfectly. 
  • Collars are not sized by overall length, they're sized by dog's neck. 
  • All collars are made differently, so do not measure the overall length of your existing dog collar.
Place the measuring tape snug against your dog's neck.  Measure your dog's neck in the middle of the neck, not too high up (close to the head) and not too far down (close to the shoulders).  Otherwise this can results in a collar that is too small or too big. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a string.  Place the string around your dog's neck and mark the measure.  Then measure the string flat with a traditional tape measure or ruler. There's no need to add extra length "just in case". Remember, when selecting the size of collar, to choose a size for which your dog's neck measurement is in the middle of the size range. If you have any problem, please contact us - we are here to help.

Measure in the middle of the neck:obroża

Size chart

Dog neck24 - 30 cm30 - 36 cm34 - 40 cm40 - 50 cm44 - 60 cm

Collars are crafted in the following sizes: 

  • Size XS
    • Dog weight: under 5 kg
    • Common breeds: Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Toy Poodle, Papillon, Maltanese
  • Size S
    • Dog weight: 5 - 10 kg
    • Common breeds: Boston terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Miniature schnauzer, Shih tzu
  • Size M
    • Dog weight: 10 - 20 kg
    • Common breeds: Cocker spaniel, Border collie, French bulldog, Pembroke welsh corgi, Toller, Beagle, Pug
  • Size L
    • Dog weight: 20 - 30 kg
    • Common breeds: Weimaraner, Boxer, English bulldog, Amstaff, Siberian husky
  • Size XL
    • Dog weight: more then 30 kg
    • Common breeds: Bernese mountain dog, German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Golden retriever

Collar with DURAFLEX ® buckle | Smoothie


Free your goodness, beauty and harmony! A holographic rainbow will make you four-legged friend  a sower of unity and peace in the world. Dogs with gray fur color look crazy wearing Smoothie!

We attach tag to each collar, which can be also an ID tag. If you wish to engrave dog’s name and phone number, select “YES” from the list, and the contents of engraving, type in the box below.

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  • Premium options
    Personalize the collar!

    Fittings are black by default. In the premium option choose another color of the d-ring.

    Psst! There is no possibility to return products with a premium option. In the absence of selected color, we will contact you.

    Make your collar unique and stand out from the crowd.

    After selecting this option, list of colors to choose from will appear. 

    • 2 €
    • 5 €

    In this premium option you can add reflective elements that will increase your dog's safety after dark. LEARN MORE

    • 3 €
Check the size guide



XS (24 – 30 cm) | S (30 – 36 cm) | M (34 – 40 cm) | L (40 – 50 cm) | XL (44 – 60 cm)

Which length to choose?

  • The width of 2 cm is recommended for small dogs and medium dogs.
  • Width 2.5 cm is recommended for medium dogs.
  • Width 3,5 cm is recommended for large breeds.

Read more:

Why to choose collar with buckle from Warsaw Dog?

Strong webbing

Soft, smooth and strong. Keeps color and shape for a long time. It doesn't absorb water and is easy to clean, so you get more time on a well-deserved relaxation after a long walk.

Color hardware

Covering metal with color is our icing on the cake. The color is not only cool, but also protects equipment against rust.

Separate ID tag holder

ID tag has its own place on the collar - no more accidental attaching leash to ID's circle.

Additional information

Weight N/A

L (40 – 50 cm), M (34 – 40 cm), S (30 – 36 cm), XL (44 – 60 cm), XS (24 – 30 cm)


2 cm, 2,5 cm, 3,5 cm




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