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We have two widths and two sizes of snap hooks. 2 cm width leash comes with smaller snap hooks and is designed for small and medium dogs. Small and big dogs have different needs. For small dogs, it is important that the leash is light. The caretakers of small four feet need light leashes, in which the carabiner will be appropriately selected with weight and size of a dog in mind. The carabiner's weight is especially important for a dog that walks in a collar, so the leash is fastened to the neck. For small creatures we recommend leashes in the width of  2 cm. 2,5 cm width leash comes with bigger snap hooks and is designed for large breeds. Big dogs need special care for safety - a strong hook and sewing. Dog lovers with large furkid usually choose leashes that will provide security. For dogs over 18 kg we recommend leashes 2.5 cm wide with large hooks.

Dog weightWidth of leashSnap hook
0 - 18 kg2 cmSmall
More then 18 kg2,5 cmBig
City leash | Shine in Blue


Let your dog shine like diamonds. Time to let others finally know who is the real star on the block. Shine in Blue ingeniously looks on white, red-haired and dark-brown coat, adding the splendor.

  • Premium options
    Customize the leash to suit your needs and personalize it according to your idea!

    Psst! There is no possibility to return products with a premium option. In the absence of selected colors, we will contact you.

    Works well for people who like to feel comfortable while walking. Recommended especially for active dogs.

    After selecting the option, a list of colors to choose from will appear.

    • 3 €

    Would you like longer leash?

    • 3 €

    As standard, the hardware is black. Make your leash unique and stand out from the crowd - choose colorful d-ring and snap hook!

    • 2 €
    • 2 €
    • 4 €

    In this premium option you can add reflective elements that will increase your dog's safety after dark. LEARN MORE

    • 3 €
Leash size guide


The city leash is available in two widths – 2 cm and 2.5 cm and in two lengths of 150 cm and 180 cm.  2 cm width comes with smaller snap hook, dedicated to small and medium dogs. 2,5 cm width comes with larger snap hook, dedicated to large breeds. There is an additional handle: in 2 cm width version, we sew it in the middle of the leash, in the wider version – just above the snap hook. The place where the additional handle is located is connected with the height of the canine user :) Below the handle there is a metal d-ring to which you can attach the dog poop bag holder. On special request, we add a neoprene lining in the handle – just choose color in the premium options. The leash is made of webbing with a unique pattern. Metal elements are black in standard, but we can change colors of fittings – to do this, just check the box of the premium option. All leashes for dogs are made to order in a small studio in Warsaw.

Designed for city walks:

  • stunning colors make your dog best dressed in the park;
  • grip placed just above the snap hook makes it easy to keep dog close to you in crowded places;
  • folded leash is small enough to hide in a backpocket of jeans.
  • you can pin the pouch with bags for dog poop.

Which length to choose?

  • 150 cm length is perfect for training;
  • 180 cm length can save your shoes from entering the lawn (unless in order to clean up after the dog, then no excuses).

Which width to choose?

  • The width of 2 cm is recommended for small dogs and medium dogs.
  • Width 2.5 cm is recommended for large dogs.

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150 cm, 180 cm


1,5 cm, 2 cm, 2,5 cm


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