Our design


Patterns we print on our tapes are unique and designed by young Polish artists. You will not find them anywhere else. Wow effect guaranteed.


Soft, smooth and strong. Keeps colors and shape for a long time. Its easy to clean, fibers do not absorb water, so you have more time for well-deserved relaxation after long walks.


There’s no kidding when it comes to buckles! Strong buckle basis for security in each collar or a harness. Therefore, in our accessories, we use the best on the market. Our buckles has been specially designed for active dogs. Strong structure has a contoured shape that fits comfortably into the dog’s neck. It is resistant to weather conditions – when other staples break in the cold, we continue to provide security.


Covering metal color is our icing on the cake. Color not only adds 10 point to coollness, but also protects equipment against rust.


ID tag has its own place on the collar – no more accidental tie the leash to ID tag.


Works great in crowded places and public transport, where it is good to keep the dog close.


Our accessories are good, solid work. We watch over quality at every stage of production and we look after everything, from the smallest thread to direct contact with you. We are located in European Union.

Nasz Dizajn