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Dog bandanas


Slip on dog bandana is soft and lightweight, could be worn on neck or to protect ears. Our dog bandana do not untangle – just slip it on and go be beautiful together on the streets. Perfect accessory for your fourlegged love. We believe your dog deserves to be stylish too!


Waste bag dispensers


Lightweight waste bag holders – practical and stylish at the same time! You can wrap it around leash so it doesn’t dangle. Phew! Not every hero wears a cape but most of them have waste bag dispenser.


Fanny packs


You can fill it with the stuff you need to have during dog training or a walk – our fanny pack will accommodate ball, tug, keys, wallet, phone, tissues, treats and even small bottle of water. It has separate fat-resistant bag with zipper – don’t worry about grease from treats sinking to your phone anymore! Just be here and now with your pup.




Become a fashion twin with your dog! You’re bonded with special connection, let everyone can see it when you hold car or home keys. That’s right b****s, we’re together!


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