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Our mission

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Our mission

The Warsaw Dog’s mission is to equip the caregivers of dogs with up-to-date products that are a perfect blend of design and functionality. We dress dogs and their humans who want to express their commitment to dog care. The Warsaw Dog accessories highlight that dog-and-the-city lifestyle. When you see a doggo on the block wearing our stuff you know right away that he has his regular walks and rich inner life thanks to multiple activities that his caregiver provides for both of them. He also has his personal poop picker and, beyond any doubt, feels loved and well taken care of.

Through our work we want to give and receive love from our customers. The photos that they send us of them happy and satisfied with our products and the positive feedback that we get from them in person is what brings meaning to our work.

At the same time, we make effort to create a friendly work environment for people and dogs in which each person making our team feels important and needed and where the dogs are always welcome as life companions.


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