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We offer three kinds of leash – city leash in one, set length and one snap hook and adjustable leash with three steps of length’ adjustment and two snap hooks. We use strong threads and webbing with tight weave as our leashes are both strong and light at the same time. Other kind of leash we make is the climbing rope leash – it’s durable, strong, waterproof, adjustable.  In other words uberleash, let’s say :)

  • City leash
  • Adjustable leash
  • Rope leash

City Leash

Simple but smart! Classic leash with fixed length. There’s a handle for your hand, on the other end – hook, which we fasten in a d-ring of collars or harness. In the city leash there is a second handle that helps keep the dog close in a crowded places. We also added additional d-ring to pin, for example, pouch for doggy bags.

Adjustable leash

Leash with adjustable length. The first adjustment creates a comfortable loop to hold the leash in the hand, the second adjustment is three quarters of the length and the last adjustment is placed over the snap hook, which shortens the leash by half.

Rope leash

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