Leash padding – user’s guide

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Leash padding – user’s guide

How to make your walks even more enjoyable? Go for a walk with your leash cushioned with soft foam!

It was the 2017 customer questionnaire that first brought us the idea for creating some kind of cushioning that protects a hand during walks with a leash. You were looking for a soft wrap for the leash’s handle that would make walking your dog more comfortable. Challenge accepted!

The padding of the leash’s handle – what’s it made of?

We make the soft bedding for your hand of a high quality neoprene, also called the foam knitwear or foam for short. It is very similar to the fabric that diving suits are made of. The foam’s grammage is approximately 400 g/m which means that it is really thick, springy and nice to touch. It’s difficult for it to get dirty and it is really easy to clean. It’s durable and sturdily sewn so it will serve you a long time. In its mobile version it can be used with most of the tape and rope type leashes available on the Polish market.

The neoprene padding sewn directly to the handle. Colour – powder pink
The neoprene padding sewn directly to the handle. Colour – powder pink

The mobile neoprene padding that can be attached to the leash at any length.
The separate neoprene padding that can be attached to the leash at any length.

Full blast of colour

And now we can really get the party started with several different colours of neoprene to choose from!

The basic option is black which corresponds with our brand’s colours – the black tag and the black clasps are standard for us. However, if you feel you are more of a tropical bird and you want to accentuate your personal style, pick one of the other colours.

The colours of neoprene to choose from:

  • black
  • fuchsia
  • pistachio
  • powder pink
  • lime
  • yellow
  • red

Two kinds: permanently sewn-in or mobile

We offer two ways of attaching the neoprene to the leash.

Option one: it is sewn-in directly on the tape with a premium version in the city leashwhere it is added permanently in the process of production of the leash.

Option two: the mobile padding as a separate product It can be fastened at any length of the leash.

The padding of the city leash

The city leash is a type of leash with a set length. There is a clip on one end and on the other end there is a loop that makes a convenient handle for the caregiver to hold. Below the handle there is a half-circle that we can attach the dog bags dispenser to. On the further section of the leash we find an extra handle that we can grab whenever we need to hold the dog closer to us. The material that we use to make the leash is a tight and smooth tape that is good enough to use for the leash in the basic version. The tight weave is durable and the edges of the seams are well rounded. The medium sized loop ensures a strong and comfortable grip for both man’s and woman’s hand.

In response to your requests we added a premium option that grants you the neoprene padding permanently sewn into the leash’s handle that provides you with nice cushioning for your hand. When properly sewn-in it should: slightly stick out to protect the edges of the leash; fit the hand softly and minimize friction in case of any pulling or sudden jerks.

A blue leash with a soft handle.
A blue leash with a soft handle.

The separate padding for the adjustable leash

The adjustable leash is a leash that ends with a clip and is equipped with three d-rings on its body which make the adjustment points. You can adjust the leash’s length by attaching the clip to any of the points on the leash. Since the length of the leash is changeable, we decided not to sew the neoprene onto any set fragment of the leash. When the leash is shortened the padding would end up in a different fragment than your hand so we came up with a separate product with a universal solution.

The mobile padding is sewn from a foam knitwear and closes with a strong velcro. We fasten it to that fragment of the leash where we most often put our hand to grab it. Whenever we want to shorten the leash we can move the padding or reattach it in a different spot. When we grab it, it creates a soft nest for our hand and makes us feel like if we were in a pool of marshmallows and we’re in heaven <3

How did the project come to life?

When the very first prototype of the mobile padding saw daylight, we knew that it’s time for the reality check. We’ve chosen several testers who weren’t frightened of some hard work and wanted to have an influence on the final look of the padding.

Each of the four dog-human teams got their guidelines for what to pay attention to and a product fishe to fill out according to their own observations and fancy.

From left: Jessica and Twister, Karolina and Nata, Paulina and Yoga
From left: Jessica and Twister, Karolina and Nata, Paulina and Yoga
Mobile separate leash padding

The tests have shown that we should make the mobile padding slightly bigger in order for it to fit our male-customers’ manly hands. And so, the final look of the padding is the effect of your thoughts and our thoughts and the experiences. We hope that the product will bring you comfort during your walks with your doges and make you feel secure whilst holding the neoprene in your hand and that your walks will be even longer – to the benefit of both humans and dogs.

Questionnaires of products
Questionnaires of products

The separate neoprene padding can be purchased here:

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