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How to return the order?

When it comes to online shopping, returns are not a big deal, so go ahead and return your items. You just need to download the form from the RETURNS AND COMPLAINTS page, fill it out and mail it to us together with proof of purchase and the product you wish to return. Remember that you have 14 days from the delivery date to make the return and that you can only return items without any wear and tear. Let us know about your return beforehand.

How to exchange a product?

Since we sew to order, we don’t have ready products in stock. You have to place an order through online shop. Then download the form from the RETURNS AND COMPLAINTS page, fill it out and mail it to us together with proof of purchase and the product you wish to return. Remember that you have 14 days from the delivery date to make the return and that you can only return items without any wear and tear.

What is the order completion time?

The standard order completion time is 3 business days plus shipping time. The customized orders usually take longer: 1-7 business days. We sew every dog accessory to order.

How to speed up the order fullfilment time?

Use the EXPRESS FULLFILMENT service. One express completion service is linked to one order no matter how many products it consists of. The cost of the service is 3 EUR. When you purchase the service, we will ship your order the next business day.

How to clean the Warsaw Dog accessories?

You can machine wash them or hand wash them.

  • In a washing machine:
  • It’s best to wash the items in a cotton or mesh bag or at least in a pillow case. This protects the washing machine from damage caused by the metal elements but also keeps the paint on the metal elements for longer. Best washed in 60 degrees.(Psst, we’ve made an experiment and washed our collars and leashes for 1.5 hour in 90 degrees. They came out in a perfect condition, so don’t fret!)
    • By hand:

    Any stubborn dirt is best removed by scrubbing it with a brush and some detergent.

Is this paint on the metal elements going to last forever?

Well, it is after all a painted metal surface, so sooner or later it might lose some of its colour because of friction. It wears down the most on the inner side of the snap hook and the ring, where the two elements touch each other and until the humanity comes up with a invention of coloured metal, it’s doomed to happen. However, it’s a fact that chipping of the paint is reduced when your dog walks on a lose leash.

Where can I check the width of the webbing for a specific product?

The available webbing widths can be found on the product page in the ‘Specifications” section. Attention! If, for a certain product, selecting one of the widths is not possible it means that we are out of that size webbing. To check the stock or the expected back- in-stock date, go to the STOCKS section.

Where can I check when the webbing that it’s currently unavailable is expected to be back-in-stock?

If we currently don’t have the product that you need, it’s worthwhile to check out the STOCKS section for information about the expected time that the item will be back in stock.

Where can I try on the Warsaw Dog accessories?

You are always very welcome to visit our workshop in Białołęka- one of districts of Warsaw. Our workshop is located at this address: Myśliborskia 53/210, 03-185 Warszawa. You can find out more from the CONTACT page. Please let us know that you are coming. Also check out the RETAILERS page to see if one of our distributors is any nearer.

My dog doesn’t have standard measurements. Can you customize the product so that it fits?

Of course, we gladly adjust our products to any doggy’s body shape. Contact us at [email protected] and if we are able to customize the product you’ve chosen, we will ask you to add MADE TO MEASURE service to cart.

Do you make 5 metre leashes?

Sure thing! We sew leashes that are longer than the standard ones that you see in the shop. Every additional meter of the leash costs 3 EUR. If you want to order a 5 m leash, add the longest adjustable leash to the cart (300 cm) and then add the MADE TO MEASURE service to the cart changing the quantity to two. In the notes section write that the tailoring service concerns sewing a 5 meter leash. This way you can order a leash of any length by just adding to the cart as many MADE TO MEASURE services as many extra meters of the leash you need.

My dog pulls on the leash a lot. What harness or collar should I choose?

  • For the energetic dogs we recommend the GUARD HARNESS that is the best at spreading the energy of the pull.
  • For the loose leash training we recommend the EASY WALK HARNESS. It makes the learning process of not pulling easier for the dog by turning them around towards the caregiver.

However, if you and the harnesses don’t fancy each other, the safest and the most comfortable are COLLARS sewn from wider webbing. If your dog weighs from 5 to 15 kgs, then choose 2.5 cm width. For larger dog choose 3.5 cm width.

What harness should I pick – Guard or Norwegian?

The NORWEGIAN HARNESS is really easy to put on – you just slip it on your dog through the neck and then buckle it on the side. This is why it will work for those hot- under- collar dogs who hate the tedious process of getting their little paws into the harness. The extra benefit of the NORWEGIAN HARNESS is that if it is adjusted properly it hardly shifts and the useful handle enables you to hold the dog in any emergency situation – legit info!

GUARD HARNESS is perfect for dogs that wiggle and scuffle on the leash. The structure of the harness, consisting of two belts ( the shoulder and chest belt) makes it difficult to wriggle even for the most elastic four-footed friends. We recommend the GUARD HARNESS for the doggy runaways.

Both models, provided that they are properly fitted and adjusted, have the chest belt set away from the front legs so they never get chafed even when they fool around the most :)

Which collar to choose: the one with a buckle one the half-choke one?

The HALF-CHOKE COLLAR is designed for dogs whose heads are smaller than their necks and who can easily slip out of regular buckle collars. The half choke collars are also great for the long haired dogs because when the leash is lose, the collar lays on the fur ruffle without any clear cut.

The BUCKLE COLLAR is the standard and most frequently chosen solution. We recommend it for doggies who don’t feel the most comfortable when their head goes through the loop.

What’s the difference between the half-choke collar and the martingale collar?

The way they both work is the same: the moment there is a pull on the leash, the collar tightens to the point set with a regulator hence preventing the dog freeing himself out of the collar

The MARTINGALE collar has a loop as a tightening element and the HALF-CHOKE collar has a metal frame moving loosely on a strip.

My dog chewed the buckle. Can you fix it?

He’s not the first and won’t be the last :) For situations like this we’ve prepared a BUCKLE REPAIR service – it provides a replacement of the destroyed element.

Which harness is the best for a puppy?

The decision for the first harness is not an easy one to make! Both guard and norwegian type harness are OK for puppies.

GUARD HARNESS is what we recommend for the puppies that pull the most and who want to get everywhere faster than sound. The Guard harness is the best at dissipating the pull energy providing comfort and safety for the doggies. This model has a slightly bigger regulation scale than the Norwegian harness and it’s clear that in case of puppies, every extra centimetre is priceless.

The NORWEGIAN HARNESS is, on the other hand, easier to put on. If your pupper twists and wriggles like he were made of rubber, this solution might be a heaven sent!

Attention: If it’s important to you that the harness that you’ve chosen lasted your puppy a long time, write us an e-mail at [email protected] giving us the age, breed, and up to date measurements of your pet. Maybe a custom made harness that will “grow” with your dog will be the best solution for you.

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