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Lead time and delivery

At Warsaw Dog, we sew all products to your order. Each collar, harness or leash will be made especially for you and your dog ♡, just like a buyer or a bag for smaxes - we just don't have any ready-made products for immediate shipment.
The current order fulfillment time is approx. 3-7 business days.
There is a sewing queue, orders are processed according to the order of applications ✂

If you need the product right away, have a look at partner stores.

It is not possible, all orders are sewn according to the order of applications.

If you need the product right away, have a look at partner stores.

The order fulfillment time in our store is 3 - 7 business days and orders are processed according to the order of applications ✂
He waits in the queue until it is sewn and shipped, so its status does not change, but everything is fine :)

Hurrah! Today is the deadline for completing your order, which means that today it will be ready for shipment!
Couriers come to us once a day and depending on whether your order is ready in the morning or at the end of the day, the courier will pick up your package today or the next business day.

We generate waybills in advance, in bulk - for all orders placed on a given day. This significantly speeds up the process of completing and packing orders. It happens that we do it even a few days in advance when it is necessary for technical or organizational reasons. The shipping label for your order will be waiting for sewing and packing the ordered products.
After the courier collects the package, you will receive a separate e-mail from the carrier about sending the package, your shipment will be officially on its way home :)

It is not possible. From the beginning of the pandemic, we do not accept customers to the studio, therefore the in-store pickup option has been disabled.

We have the ability to configure nearly 10 products, differing in tape patterns, tape widths, colors of fittings, etc. The availability of individual elements depends on the supply chain, which sometimes fails and you rarely have to wait a little longer for your dream product (which, of course, we will inform you by e-mail) ).

I want to make a change to my order

Write to us by e-mail by providing your first name, last name and order number and the changes you want to make. The order can be canceled, but changes are not possible - the easiest way will be to cancel the order and place a new one.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add a product to an order that has already been placed.

Yes, if the shipping label has not been generated yet, you can change the address, telephone number or the indicated parcel locker. Write us an email: providing the order number and data to be changed.

Yes, if the shipping label has not yet been generated. Write us an email: giving the order number and what change you want to make.
Each form of shipping has a different price, so when making a change, we will refund the overpayment to your account or ask for an additional payment.

Return, exchange, complaint

Returns when shopping online are nothing extraordinary, feel free to return. You can do this in two ways:

  • Download the appropriate form from the website RETURN AND COMPLAINTS, then fill it in and send it along with the proof of purchase and the product you want to return to the address Warsaw Dog ul. Myśliborska 53/210 03-185 Warsaw.
  • Or return via quick by filling in details in the text fields.

More information can be found in the section Return and complaint.

Remember that you have 14 days from the date of delivery to notify about the willingness to return and that you can only return items that do not show signs of use and are not personalized (e.g. with colored fittings or a non-standard size). The cost of the return shipment is on your side.

We refund the money for the returned products within 14 days.

As all products are sewn to order, it is not possible to automatically replace the product. To replace the product, return the mismatched one and at the same time order a new one through the store - thanks to this, it will be included in the sewing list. You will have to wait for its sewing until its queue comes, so it is worth doing this order as soon as possible.
You can find the return policy in the section Return and complaint.

If there is any damage or you just noticed something that bothers you, be sure to let us know.
Send us an email:, add a photo, order number (if you have) and describe the problem.

I have a technical problem

Confirmation of your order should come from the store automatically as soon as it enters our system. First of all, please check if it has fallen into the spam, folder with advertisements or offers - this happens especially in the case of mailboxes belonging to the Polish virtual group.
Found it? Mark the email "not spam!", The rest of the notifications should go directly to the main folder.

There is also not?
If the order was paid for by PayU, it may happen that the payment for the order has not been automatically confirmed, e.g. the response from your bank has been extended. We check such suspended transactions and mark them off manually, then the confirmation should correctly receive your e-mail. We usually do it once a day, so in this case you should get confirmation within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

And sometimes it's just a typo in the email address provided;)
If you did not / did not receive an e-mail notification about the receipt of the order, please write to, we will check what's going on.

If for some reason your payment has been rejected, you can pay for it by traditional transfer.

Warsaw Dog Zofia Kwiatkowska

Account number: 42 1050 1025 1000 0092 1295 4185

Important: send us a confirmation of sending the transfer to Without this, we may have a problem with recording the payment for the order.


We make every effort to ensure that our website is user-friendly, works efficiently and quickly. If there is any error, please make a screenshot of the popup notification and send us to along with a description of the problem. We will report it to IT specialists and we will try to improve it as soon as possible!

Orders that are to be paid for by bank transfer must be manually marked as paid, after the money has been credited to the account. We check payments once a day by searching for them by order numbers. Therefore, it is very important to enter your order number in the transfer title - it makes it easier for us to regularly check the transaction.
Secondly, we look for payment by name. If the payer is a person other than the one in whose name the order was placed, and the order number was not given in the transfer title (only, for example, a harness and a leash for Luna), it is almost impossible to find such a transaction.
If the status of your order does not change even though it has been a few days since you paid for it, please send us a payment confirmation on, we will check!

How to care for Warsaw Dog accessories?

You can wash it in two ways: in a washing machine or by hand.

  • In the washing machine:

It is best to wash in a cotton or mesh bag, or in a pillowcase. This also protects the drum against metal padding and paint splashing from the fittings. You can wash accessories even at 60 degrees, but if you chose the option of adding reflective elements, for their safety, we recommend a temperature of up to 40 degrees.

(Psst, we experimentally threw our collars and leashes into the washing machine at 90 degrees and after 1,5 hours of washing they came out in perfect condition, also no worries!)

  • Manually:

We recommend cleaning extremely stubborn dirt with a brush and detergent.

More details can be found here: HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THE ACCESSORIES?

Well, it's painted metal, so sooner or later it might lose some color from friction. Most often it rubs on the inside of the carabiner and the rings - where both elements meet, and unfortunately, until humanity invents colored metal, it cannot be helped.

To avoid chipping and rubbing off the paint, avoid loosening the leash behind the dog and dropping it onto a hard surface. If your pooch is pulling on a leash, the fittings will wear faster - the friction force is then simply greater.

No, we recommend that you avoid swimming in the sea. Salt water can corrode metal parts.

Custom orders

If, for a given product, it is not possible to choose the width of the tape that interests you, e.g. 3,5 cm for a collar in size S - it means that the product is not sewn as standard in a given width, such a combination usually does not work. However, you can order such a non-standard product by adding to the basket, for example, a size S collar and additionally one item of the service TAILORED SEWING. In the dedicated window, write that the collar should be, for example, 3,5 cm wide.

Please note that such custom products are non-returnable.
If it is technically impossible to make such a product - we will notify you by e-mail and present the available solutions :)

Of course, we are happy to adapt our products to any dog's body proportions!
For example, if your pooch's chest circumference is still in M, but other dimensions need to be modified, select the premium “size modification” option, and enter the pooch's dimensions, age and breed in the pop-up window. We will sew harnesses with an individual adjustment range :)

Do you have doubts? Contact us at We will advise you on the best solution for you and how to place an order for such a non-standard product :)


Yes, of course!

To order a re-leash, e.g. 5 meters long, add the longest re-leash from our offer (300 cm) to your basket, and then the service TAILORED SEWING  in the amount of 2 pieces, and in the dedicated window write that it is about sewing a lanyard with a length of 5m. This way, you can order a lanyard of any length by adding as many services to your shopping cart TAILORED SEWING if we want to extend its length.

Similarly, in the case of city or rope leashes - add as many services to the basket TAILORED SEWING if we want to extend its length.

Do you need a city leash, e.g. 300cm long, not 280cm long? No problem, write in the notes that it should be full 300m :)

Please note that such custom products are non-returnable.

Yes, but the buckle in this place significantly limits the adjustment range of the shoulder girdle, so this solution is average for growing dogs. We can sew such harnesses to size, knowing the exact measure of the dog's shoulder girdle.
To order such a harness, put a standard product and one item of service in the basket TAILORED SEWINGand in the dedicated window, write that you need a buckle in this place and what size of the shoulder girdle your dog has.

Remember that such non-standard products are not returnable, but if the product requires corrections, feel free to use the option TAILORING AMENDMENTS..

No, and we strongly advise against such a solution.

  1. The upper belt is adjustable, which makes it impossible to sew the fasteners. Adjustment at this point is essential for the correct fit of the harness to your dog's body shape.
  2. With such a harness structure, i.e. the front strap sewn perpendicular to the chest, and the chest strap located just behind the front legs, attaching the leash on the back is highly unfavorable for the dog's movement system. All the pulling power on the leash is concentrated on the front of the chest, muscles and joints of the front paws. They are additionally restrained, they do not have full stride, the dog is not only uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous for him. In the long run, the use of such a harness can lead to injury, degeneration, and arthritis, especially in giant breed dogs, elderly dogs and puppies.
    Currently, we do not make such modifications, even on a special request.

We love challenges! Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of ongoing work, we do not have space to undertake individual projects - currently we only sew products visible in our offer.

We don't have such a service.

No, the available tape widths are 1,5 cm | 2cm | 2,5 cm | 3,5cm and 5cm.

Specification of the products

GUARD HARNESS - the optimal choice for every four-legged friend. They evenly distribute the force of the strokes on the leash, provide full reach of the front paws. Perfect for active or leashed dogs. The best choice for puppies. They are suitable as a harness for running with a dog and for a car.

ANTI-ESCAPE HARNESS - created for dogs after adoption, fearful, flexible like a runaway worm. The third ring makes it impossible to roll out of the harness.

NORWEGIAN HARNESS - they are very easy to put on, they are especially good for dogs that do not like wearing other harness models. A functional handle allows you to hold the pooch in emergency situations. Well adjusted, they hardly twist at all. They are not suitable for dogs with a leash and for long hikes - especially in the mountains. They are not suitable as a harness for puppies.

EASY WALK HARNESS - training tool for learning to walk on a loose leash. They are not a recreational harness, therefore they are not suitable for "quick pee" walking or walking in the woods. We train in the easy walk harness! They are not suitable as a harness for a car, a harness for running with a dog and a harness for puppies.

GUARD SPORT HARNESS - a combination of the best recreational harnesses: ergonomic guard construction, functional handle of Norwegian harnesses and a ring on the front to which we can attach the leash if we need to have more control over the pooch and prevent him from pulling on the leash.

We recommend dog steam locomotives GUARD HARNESSthat evenly distribute the force of the strokes on the lanyard. The ones with a wider tape will be the best, they will be more comfortable and safer for him. It's a bit like carrying a burden in a backpack - it's more convenient for us to wear it on the wider shoulder straps of the backpack.

We recommend walking on a loose leash EASY WALK HARNESS They facilitate learning not to pull off by turning the pooch towards the caregiver.

However, if you do not like harness, the safest and most comfortable for your dog will be in this case Collars sewn from a wider tape.

HALF CLAMP COLLAR It is designed primarily for dogs that have a wider neck than the head and curl up from standard buckle collars. They are also great for long-haired dogs, because when the pooch does not pull on the leash, they lie loosely on the ruff without creating a clear cut off on the neck.

COLLAR Z BUCKLE is the most frequently chosen standard solution. We also recommend it for dogs that do not feel comfortable putting their head through the hoop. It is the best solution for puppies, they stick more tightly to the neck so they do not tempt you to bite it;)

The principle of operation of both types of collars is the same: when the leash is pulled, the collar tightens to the torque set by the regulator, preventing the dog from freeing itself. In a collar MARTINGALE the clamping element is a loop, w SEMI-CLAMP metal frame that moves loosely on the belt.

A correctly adjusted half-clamp or martingale collar passes smoothly through the head, but after tightening the clamping element, the doggy cannot roll out of it.

CITY LEASH  - is the lightest option we offer. It will work if you care about simplicity and comfort. The city leash has a carabiner on one end, and a handle on the other end and an additional handle to keep the pooch close to each other - in leashes 2,5 cm at the carabiner, in leashes 2 cm and 1,5 cm in the middle of the leash. The handle of the city leashes can be lined with neoprene.

REVERSIBLE LEASH  - it is a heavier option due to the greater number of fittings. There is a carabiner on both ends of the lanyard, the lanyard has three options for fastening. The length of the lanyard can be adjusted by attaching the carabiner to the next ring. Additionally, you can fasten it around your waist or chest to keep your hands free during a walk.
You can attach two dogs to it or attach your fearful pooch to a leash and a collar at the same time, which will provide him with greater safety during walks.

Rope leash  - gently absorbs the force of the strokes on the leash and is more resistant to dog's teeth. Works well with large, strong dogs, dogs biting leashes. She is the least confused.

Definitely GUARD HARNESSthat evenly distribute the force of the strokes on the leash and it is easiest to adjust their size to the figure of the growing pooch. We can sew such a harness with a range of adjustment tailored to the size of your dog - starting with its current dimensions, so that they are good now and as much reserve as possible for the future.
To order such a harness, select the size of the harness that fits the current dimensions of your dog, click the premium option "size modification", and in the pop-up window write its exact dimensions, age, weight and breed or type of build.

Due to their stocky body structure, French bulldogs do not always fit into the standard size of a harness. We have created models for them with dedicated adjustment ranges.

GUARD HARNESS for French Bulldogs - the adjustment ranges of the chest and shoulder girdles are between the standard size M and L, they fit bulldogs from approx. 9 to 16-18 kg. The dorsal and sternal straps have been shortened - so that the harness does not reach the belly :)
All guard harnesses for French bulldogs are made of 2,5 cm wide tape. It works best for them, does not fold into folds, it arranges itself beautifully.

NORWEGIAN HARNESS for French Bulldogs - the adjustment ranges of the chest rim and the front strap are between the standard size M and L. The height of the front strap depends on the weight of the pooch - therefore it should be selected from the pull-out list, so that the front strap does not compress the throat, but also does not restrict the movement of the front paws.

HARNESS FOR MOPS have a greater range of adjustment of the shoulder and thoracic girdles than in the standard M size, but a shorter dorsal and sternal section. All this to make the harness as easy as possible to put on and be the most comfortable for the pug. No more squeezing the harness over the head and the chest girdle to the bottom! They really hit the spot.

In the guard harness we have created a model between S and M, ideal for dogs weighing approx. 7 kg, which usually come in “not S, not M”. We named them HARNESS FOR JACK RUSSELL TERRIER, but they are perfect for dogs with dimensions between the standard S and M.

In other cases, the premium option "size modification" will be the best option, then the harness will really be the best fit.

If your dog's dimensions are completely on the border of the size and you are just 2cm short of any maneuver in case you eat a double dinner, choose the standard size, and in the comments to the order (the window at the level of entering the shipping address) write that you are asking for a harness enlargement by 2- 3 cm is the minimum difference, so we will make the modification for you free of charge :)

Don't worry, we'll do it!
If your dog is no longer growing, choose a smaller size, but in the comments to the order (the box at the level of entering the shipping address), write that it has a neck circumference, e.g. 40cm, and ask for the collar to be reduced by 2-3 cm.

If your dog is growing up, choose a larger size, but in the comments to the order, write that it has a neck circumference, e.g. 40 cm, and ask for a size reduction of 2-3 cm.
So that it will be good for sure, for the comfort of your dog :)

Repairs and corrections

He is not the first, not the last :) We have prepared a service for such situations BUCKLE REPAIR - we replace the bitten element with a new one.

Remember to wash any accessories that require repair before shipping.

It may happen that the buckle has worn out, we have prepared a service for such situations BUCKLE REPAIR - we will replace it with a new one.

Remember to wash any accessories that require repair before shipping.

A jammed carabiner that does not open / close is most likely sanded. Try tapping it and blowing sand off the spring mechanism, it's a real quick fix!

This is a more serious failure?


Remember to wash any accessories that require repair before shipping.

Unfortunately, it happens, especially in unruly puppies who want to check all new things on their own teeth;) Don't worry, it is usually fixable. Write us an e-mail: by adding a photo of the damage itself and the entire harness. We will propose the best solutions.

Sometimes it happens that despite the undoubted efforts made to measure the dimensions of the dog, something goes wrong and the product should be improved. A service comes to help TAILORING AMENDMENTS. In the dedicated window, write what the service should be about and what product you send us (model, size, pattern). Put the service in the cart like a physical product, choose how to deliver the product to us and complete the order.

It all depends on how serious the damage is, but usually something can be done about it. Write us an email: by adding a photo of the damage itself and the entire leash, so that we can judge where it was eaten. We will propose possible solutions.

No, it will take several days for it to be repaired.

Contact with the team - recommended way of contact

⌨ facebook and instagram - we reply to messages within 24-48 hours, from Monday to Friday

Sure thing! We currently consult remotely, just write us an e-mail, we will help!

We invite you to try on and make purchases on the spot partner stores

We carry out consultations on the correct fit and adjustment of products remotely.

No, we do not sell retail in the studio. We invite you to go shopping partner stores.

It is very nice that you thought about us! ♡ Unfortunately, we are not looking for new distributors.