Regardless of whether our dog is sometimes a protector, sometimes a good friend, and sometimes a happy troublemaker, by letting a pet into your life, we gain a faithful companion and friend every day.

A good relationship between man and dog is the basis for harmonious coexistence. Mutual trust and respect create emotional stability and increase a sense of security. They make people and dogs a harmonious team.

We know well that living with a dog very often it creates bonds that are much stronger than some human relationships. Therefore, it is worth taking care of this mutual closeness and creating a bond based on good understanding and devotion.

In this tab, we publish articles related to building proper human-dog relations. We write about a stable, safe and friendly community, the ability to make contact, strengthen closeness, create shared happy experiences and positive communication. We raise topics related to the behavioral problems of four-legged friends. We show how important it is to carefully observe and understand your pet's needs.

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Representatives of the largest dog breeds make a huge impression. They inspire respect and intimidation. Interestingly, large dogs are often much quieter and more gentle than their smaller brethren. Although their enormous size may initially cause embarrassment or even anxiety, proper upbringing makes them good-natured, loyal and affectionate companions.

Hi! We know how difficult it is to find your way around all these belts, buckles, buckles and how to properly fit the harness and collar to your dog. We want to help you with this! Here you will find information on how to properly adjust accessories to the dog's figure :) The website is constantly being expanded with new content. How to adjust the harness? Applies to guard, sport, balance harnesses Correct fastening of harnesses [...]

The puppy period is considered particularly important because it is of great importance for the subsequent stages of a dog's life. To a large extent, the behavior of a four-legged friend later depends on what he has learned and experienced during this period. In order to make the most of this precious moment and to prepare the ward for life in the best possible way, it is extremely important for every guardian to know - until when is his dog a puppy?

The choice of leash depends on the preferences of the dog's owner and his walking style, however, for a dog weighing 25 kg or more, it is recommended to use a leash with a length of, among others, 2 meters long and 2,5 cm wide. The best choice will be a leash made of a strong, but at the same time soft material, such as polyester webbing or rubber band. The leash should be sturdy and [...]

Dogs have very acute senses, in particular a well-developed sense of smell and hearing. These skills help them explore the environment, make connections and experience new sensations, but also make them very sensitive to their surroundings, which can cause fear and anxiety. Fears in dogs can have a genetic basis, they can also be a consequence of improper socialization or negative experiences. It is worth finding out what makes dogs afraid and how to help them in these situations?

Flying with a dog is a challenge for both pets and their owners. Therefore, owners of four-legged companions should carefully consider the decision to choose this means of transport for traveling with their pet. It is worth preparing well for this trip and considering the relationship between the hardships and the benefits of the trip. A dog on a plane? See what you need to know!

The arrival of a newborn baby at home is one of the happiest and most emotional events in a family's life. It brings big changes, not only for parents, but also for other household members, including a four-legged friend. In order for his first contact with the child to be successful, and for the life together to be full of positive impressions, the dog should be well prepared for this great moment.