Rope leash

Rope leash

Rope leashes for dogs

A rope leash is a very attractive alternative to tape leashes. The leash is very durable, because it is made of a climbing rope, which has all the necessary approvals for ropes used during extreme sports. The lanyard has no sharp edges, thanks to which your hands are safe even with strong jerks (the more that its structure itself absorbs up to 35% of the pulling force). The lanyard is heat-sealed, hand-sewn with a tight seam using a polyester thread, and sealed at the joints. Sewing in the Ultimate version for the triple safety of your pooch! It should also be noted that the leash is quite stiff, so it does not get tangled around the legs and paws during walks, does not absorb water, which is very important if your dog or water has the option to change the length!

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