Reversible leash

Reversible leash

long adjustable dog leash with harness leopard set

Removable leashes for dogs

Detachable leashes for dogs include lanyards with adjustable length, three positions. The first overvoltage creates vconvenient handleto hold the lanyard in your hand, the second clasp is at the height three-quarters of the lengthand the last clasp is a ring placed above the carabiner next to the dog's body, shortening the leash in half. We sew detachable leashes in two widths and a length of up to 3 meters! Of course also this one We can lengthen the lanyard for you, add reflections and change the colors of the fittings. Did your pet get to the buckle while playing? It's not a problem! We will fix the buckle one two!

What is a retractable leash?

A detachable leash usually has two carabiners. The first of them is attached to the harness or collar, in the same way as with any other leash, e.g. tape or automatic. The second carabiner is used to adjust the length of the leash. Such a system of overvoltages allows you to create a handle and shorten and lengthen the tape depending on your needs. Retractable leashes are generally longer than city leashes.

Depending on the manufacturer and the specific model, they have a multi-stage adjustment, and their length varies from 2,5 m to 5 m. The type and size of carabiners in the leash depend primarily on the size of the pet. Small carabiners are perfect for miniature and small dog breeds. Representatives of a large or giant breed need very strong, solid and durable carabiners.

What are the characteristics of retractable leashes?

Thanks to the clever design, the detachable leash can be easily adapted to changing conditions and properly adapted to a specific situation. Changing the leash itself is extremely simple and, what is important, it takes literally a few seconds.

This type of lanyard, characterized by high functionality, allows you to optimally change the length of the tape by up to half, if necessary. This solution is very useful in various everyday situations, in times of danger, when we want to fasten the dog to a bench or gain more control over the pet during training and recreation. The maximum extension of the leash is useful, among others, during walks in the park, in the forest or meadow. In most models, the retractable leash does not have a fixed handle. The pet's guardian creates it himself by attaching the carabiner.

What distinguishes the leashes available at Warsaw Dog?

Warsaw Dog's three-stage detachable leashes are characterized by extraordinary durability. They are light, handy and very comfortable to use. High quality workmanship ensures safety, durability and functionality. The material from which the leashes are made retains all its qualities for a long period of use, is hypoallergenic, waterproof and easy to care for. In addition, you can attach a sachet for dog treats or a pouch to the pouch to the ring of the detachable leash.

An additional advantage of the Warsaw Dog leash is the ability to adapt to the individual needs of the guardian and the pet. In addition to standard lengths, you can order a specially elongated model, enriched with reflectors and individually selected color of fittings. The Warsaw Dog offer includes accessories in a wide range of patterns and colors, thanks to which you can easily choose a perfectly matching collar or harness for a leash.