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Very often, keepers wonder what will be more appropriate for their dogs – a collar or a comfortable harness for a dog? We always advise you – follow your own heart and how your pet behaves during a walk, and if you have any bothering questions, the vet’s opinion will certainly help. When deciding on a harness, pay attention to the convenience of putting them on and the comfort of wearing them. Measure the dog in order to choose and adjust the harness, so long walks will be extremely pleasant moments! Current harness designs make it impossible to free yourself, which is very important in dogs that sometimes have enough. We also recommend them for large breeds and dogs that tend to leash as the harness distributes the force of the tug along the spine. We sew each unique pattern and model of harness to order, and a number of premium options allow you to personalize them even more – colorful fittings, reflections or size enlargement, everything is at stake! You don’t know how to choose the size of the harness? You will find the instructions for each product!

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