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Have you started your adventure with looking after your pet? Time to replace your dog’s collar? Or maybe you have just adopted an adult dog who has never had a chance to get acquainted with the collar or the leash? A dog collar is an indispensable gadget because you can attach a leash to it during your walks. And because you will be walking very often, especially if you are a puppy’s guardian, the first collar in a dog’s life must appear very quickly – probably as quickly as the buyer :). Puppies get used to it even after a few days. You can also attach the recipient to the collar. Are you wondering what collar to buy for him? You’ve come to a great place! We offer three types of dog collars in our store. Each type of collar comes in several sizes and widths, so you will find collars for small, medium and large dogs here. If you have any doubts, please contact us! We are happy to dispel any doubts about choosing a collar for your dog!


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