Argentine Dog (Dogo Argentino) - fearless companion

Argentine Dog (Dogo Argentino) - fearless companion

The Argentine Dog (originally called Dogo Argentino) is a strong, fearless and brave dog, with a powerful stature. At the same time, he is a sensitive, loyal and devoted family companion.

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The FCI classified the Great Dane in group II, section 2.1 - as a molossian mastiff. The Argentine Dog is a muscular, large and strong dog with impressive dimensions. Adult males can weigh from 40 to 45 kg, and females 35 - 40 kg. Dogs reach a height of 60-68 cm, and females 60-65 cm.

The Argentinean Dog has a wide head with a slightly convex skull. Its short snout with a slightly upturned nose gives it an excellent sense of smell. The eyes are dark, oval in shape and evenly spaced under protruding eyebrows. Triangular ears, slightly draping to the sides. The tail of the Argentine Great Dane is strong, straight and tapering towards the end. The skin, taut all over the body, shows the muscles of the quadruped. His back is slightly raised and joins the chest and arms to form a structure similar to that of a bodybuilder.

Suggested sizes and widths of accessories for this breed of dog:

Here are the suggested sizes for adult dogs of this breed. They were selected on the basis of many years of experience in sewing accessories and the most common choices of other dog owners of this breed. Remember, only measuring will give you 100% certainty - every dog ​​is different.

The color of the Great Dane is completely white, with occasional black spots near the eye, ears or face (the standard allows no more than 10% of the area of ​​discoloration). The hair of this breed is short, straight and smooth.

Argentine dog - the origin of the breed

The history of the Argentine Great Dane breed began almost a hundred years ago in the Cordoba region (Argentina), thanks to the efforts of the Nores Martinez brothers. Difficulties during hunting and problems with protecting herds from attacking wild boars and pumas, prompted the brothers to breed a dog that would meet their expectations. They developed a selective breeding program by crossing the (near-extinct) Cordoba fighting dogs with many other breeds for over 20 years. In this way, massive, athletic and hardy dogs were created that showed a pack mentality but were endowed with a balanced temperament. Strong and persistent dogs were perfect for hunting large game and smaller predators. The white color of the Argentinean Great Danes' coat helped them stand out during hunting, and their courage in the fight against dangerous predators ensured great success for breeders and hunters.

In 1947 the first Argentine Great Dane standard was published. The FCI recognized the Great Dane from Argentina in 1973. In 2020, the American Kennel Club entered this breed on the list, giving it No.195.

Behavior and character

The Argentinean Great Dane can be characterized as a tough and strong dog, with a restrained disposition. Provoked by strangers, he can, however, fight ruthlessly. The inborn instinct of a hunter and protector causes that a representative of this breed usually does not tolerate other individuals of the same sex in his territory.

Despite its impressive stature, the Argentine Dog is friendly and loyal to its owner and family members. This dog builds strong relationships with the household members and likes their company and caresses very much. He is completely devoted to his guardian and is very loyal to him.

This impressive quadruped feels best in the company of active people who will develop his sports abilities. The dog is energetic and fun to play. It requires a lot of physical activities in the air and in the water to maintain excellent condition. He should also be given plenty of mental exercise to satisfy his willingness to work and hunt. The Argentine Dog is an intelligent, very clever student. During hunting, he is focused, silent and courageously pursues the game.

Life needs

The Argentine Dog feels best in an environment where it has a lot of space for hiking, sports and training, i.e. on a farm or a house with a garden. It requires an active, patient and consistent caregiver who can provide him with proper socialization, an appropriate dose of physical activity and mental stimulation, as well as friendly training. Besides, this dog needs company and a lot of attention. He does not like loneliness, and prolonged isolation may result in undesirable, destructive behavior in him.

Argentine dog - care

Keeping an Argentinean Great Dane's coat in good condition is not difficult. Its white coat should be rubbed with a glove or brushed with a bristle brush, preferably once a week. During the moulting period, this procedure should be performed more often, because the shedding short and hard hair easily sticks into the soft materials of clothes, blankets or carpets. We only drip a dog of this breed when it gets dirty.
As with other breeds, the teeth of the Great Dane should be cleaned regularly. His claws grow fairly quickly, so they need to be trimmed once a month on average (it depends on the dog's activity level). Moreover, the dog has a tendency to accumulate earwax in the ears, so they should be cleaned regularly.

Argentine dog and his health

The Argentine Dog is considered a healthy dog. The lifespan of this representatives is 9-15 years. The biggest health problem facing this breed is deafness (around 10% of the population). Like many large and strong dog breeds, the Great Dane can suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia. He is also prone to flatulence, glaucoma and hypothyroidism.

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