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Why is it worth shopping with us?

Every dog ​​deserves love, respect and being understood. Every dog ​​deserves comfortable, safe and stylish accessories.

We create products for dog owners who want to express their love and commitment to caring for a four-legged family member.

We make accessories on request. This makes each product unique - like the relationship that connects your dog and you.

We bring love and comfort to dogs and their guardians, while promoting respect for animals, high quality, safety and modern design.

We are Warsaw Dog and we make it easier for dogs and their people to live together in the city.

In the photo, the commander-in-chiefs: Zosia and Milla 🐾


Comfortable, safe and durable dog harness. Options: Guardy harness, Balance harness with neck and chest zipper, Sport harness with a handle and front closure


Durable and lightweight collars made of strong materials and resistant to breaking threads. Collars with buckles, half-clamps and martingals - to choose from. Compose the collar in your favorite pattern, appropriate size and preferred width.


City lanyards, removable, non-slip, rope lanyards, or maybe a double lanyard? Choose the perfect leash for your walks. Remember that the dog is best at moving freely as often as possible, but when this is not possible, it is worth choosing the longest or one that will provide you with the greatest safety.

Our specialties:


Are you looking for a way to give your dog an individual look? Look no further! Made of solid and durable materials, our accessories along with colorful fittings will give you splendor on the axle. Stand out in the dog park through accessories with individually selected color of fittings!

Collar with double clasp

The lanyard is attached to the D-rings, above the buckle, thanks to which the tension forces are distributed over the metal elements. Whatever happens to the buckle does not affect the use of the collar. With a double lock collar you can be sure that your dog will always be safe.

Harness unfastened in 4 places

The BALANCE harness is a guard harness in the premium version, enriched with a handle to hold the dog. Both rings have two buckles, which will make putting them on easier even for fearful dogs.