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Do you have a pet at home and you want to emphasize the lifestyle it leads in the city? This is what canine Warsaw Dog design will provide you! Warsaw Dog is not only custom-made dog accessories, but also attention to maximum comfort and functionality, so that every walk in this great duet, which you and your dog are, will be wonderful and unforgettable! Due to the fact that we are dog lovers ourselves, we have always been guided by the goal to combine design with love for dogs – so we can offer designer dog accessories that you will not find anywhere else. Of course, when creating our offer, we also remembered about you – kidneys, sachets, recipients and our Buyers, you can buy in designs as well as collars, harnesses and leashes. Let’s not forget about the approvals – all the dog accessories we create, of course, have them, so you can be sure that they are completely safe in everyday use. Dear dogie, but remember that nothing can replace the love of the owner for a dog, but with Warsaw Dog, you can express it!


What accessories do we make?

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Design and fully functional collars for small, medium and large dogs.


Fully adjustable, comfortable harness in which you set off to conquer the city!


Durable and lightweight lanyards. Add a harness or collar lanyard in the same pattern to create a coherent walking set.


Pattern-matched key rings, buyers and walking kidneys - everything to show that you create a harmonious team with your dog!

What distinguishes Warsaw Dog and our accessories?

We want to show you a few standards that are especially important to us

Unique design

All patterns are unique - you won't find similar anywhere else. We design them inspired by current trends. We try to refine each pattern as much as possible. Check what we can offer your pet!

Manual work

We sew products for dogs by hand with these hands. With our hands. Of course, using professional sewing machines, but with these hands :). We prepare each product with the utmost care, immediately after receiving the order.

Unusual material and fittings

Our designer dog accessories are made of durable, quick-drying tapes, the print of which is resistant to abrasion, and the snap hooks in cheerful colors are our icing on the cake. We were the first to introduce them to our offer in Europe!

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Latest entries and news

Reflective elements in dogs’ accessories make them more safe during walks. A few autumns ago you’ve asked us for an option to have reflective pieces in our collars, harnesses and leashes. We are extremely pleased to finally be able to provide you with what you need ?

A scarf for dogs in chimney style – what is it? A scarf (also known as a kierchief or bandana) for a dog is a textile gadget to put on the dog’s neck. You put the chimney type scarf on your dog simply by pulling it over his or her head (yes, just like the […]

  Imagine this: a sunny day in a forest, in a park or any other green place. And there’s you and your dog on a walk. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? It surely does. However, there is one thing for that walk to be a truly enjoyable experience – the loose leash training. Walking on a […]

How to make your walks even more enjoyable? Go for a walk with your leash cushioned with soft foam!

I found Ada Jarzębowska’s work while schussing around on my personal Instagram account. I was smitten by her light line and colour choices. I noticed that Ada is a fan of bold combinations of colour and collage – totally our thing! I asked her to create a limited fall-winter collection. Birth of neon Zosia: What […]

“Każdy nowy projekt robi awanturę” which in loose translation of Taco Hemingway’s rap means: every new project makes a fuss. We feel that these verses are just perfect to describe our new endeavour!

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